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9 399,30 руб. 9 690 руб.
Автомагнитола JVC KD-X282BT
  • Bluetooth для музыки и Handsfree звонков
  • USB и AUX на передней панели
  • FM радио
  • 13 полосный эквалайзер
  • 1х2 RCA (выходы для подключения усилителя)

Streaming Music

Listen to popular music applications and music stored on your device with basic audio controls.

JVC Streaming DJ

Connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing you and your friends to take turns streaming music like a DJ.
Move to the groove and get the party pumping to the max.

2 Phones Full-Time Connection

You can connect two phones full time via Bluetooth, with secure and simple pairing.
Calls to either phone can be received by a push of a key on the receiver.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile 1.7

HFP 1.7 Wideband Speech is supported, allowing you to enjoy hands-free phoning convenience together with higher voice quality and improved noise reduction.

Low Battery Information

When the battery of the connected Bluetooth device runs low, a beep sound is heard and “LOW BATTERY” appears on the receiver.